Getting to Champoluc

There are various ways of getting to Champoluc. The easiest is obviously to do that with the help of a taxi. Renting a car is an easy and popular option these days. Public transport in Italy is very cheap but the service is somewhat limited (you can keep track of the stations is going to change or break in). Depending on where you arrive, we recommend:

Milan: Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo.

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Car hire or taxi.

Transport from Milan to Verres

If you use public transportation should you get to Milan’s Central Station (Milano Centrale). From the airport you can both train and bus. Usually it is easier to take the bus to Central Station and is a bit cheaper than the train and have more departures. The bus takes about an hour from the central station regardless of the airport. From the train station to buy ticket to Verres. It’s fine to use the terminals located at the central station but there are also staffed ticket office. From Milan to take the train to Turin and make a change in Chiavasso. It is important that you check the time we arrive at Chiavasso and set the alarm 10 minutes earlier so you do not miss to go by train. NOTE! Train tickets in Italy to be stamped at the station before you go away, use the yellow stamp machines on the platform for this. From Chiavasso, take the train to Aosta and jump off when you come to Verres. The same applies here note the time of arrival and set the alarm 10 minutes earlier. The names of the stations before Verres is Ivrea and then Punt Saint Martin.

Turin Caselle

Taxi or rental car. We do not recommend that you take the train from Turin.


Car or Taxi.

Verres to Champoluc

From Verres there is a bus up to Champoluc that parts 50 meters from the train station. It is not always the bus times and train times work so well together so check arrival time of train departure time on the bus. One suggestion might be to take a taxi from Verres up to the village. Bus times from Verres to Champoluc found here.


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